That Nagging Feeling in the Back of Your Head

Blue Waltz

Image by ecstaticist via Flickr

We all have it sometimes, that nagging feeling that you can’t accomplish want your striving for.

For me today, was the feeling that I could not finish this painting I had in my head for days, so much so I couldn’t even draw a single line. It’s frustrating to want something and think you can’t do it.

You look around at everyone else and feel like you’re the only person in the world to ever have doubted yourself, but your not. Everyone has felt self doubt in there life it’s a part of being human, and it’s a feeling that you’ll have trough out your life, but one you can learn to control.

The first thing you need to do is acknowledge that the feeling is there. Think about the what’s making you feel insecure and if there’s a pattern to it. Are there any particular situations where you feel like this? A trigger? For me it’s when I want to draw something particularly difficult that I’m not sure I can achieve.

Think about past times where you doubted yourself but ended up pulling trough and meeting your goals.

Defeat those thoughts by opposing facts to them. Write down what’s keeping you back and facts that dispute those thoughts. If this doesn’t seem to help, call your friends and family, they have a better perspective on your skills and abilities than you and it’s always good to hear some words of encouragement from those closest to you.

Finally take time to congratulate yourself, when you achieve something you’ve been striving for take time to pat your self in the shoulder and keep going.

Whatever you do don’t runaway from a challenge, you’ll be sure to fail if you walk away from those things that scare you.

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