Love it Or Hate it


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All of us have had the experience of having to do a public speaking commitment. Be it when you were younger at school or at your work place. Whether you need to speak in public regularly or not, public speaking is a part of life and sooner or latter you’ll have to face it.

It’s the feeling of butterflies in your stomach it’s your hands sweating and your voice trembling it’s that awful feeling your going to trip and fall on your way to the microphone. And you never get to say all the thing you wanted to say cause you forgot, you run out of time or you were just so nervous you don’t remember have the things you said.

So what do you do when you hate public speaking but have to do it anyway?

Well here are some advices from Freelance Switch.

Check out other public speaker, adopt their good habits, watch what their doing right and wrong and learn from it.

Start small, if your public speaking skills are close to none start by inviting some friends over, hosting a small party at home. It’s easier to get used to public speaking if the first times you do it it’s just for a hand full of people.

Talk about what you know! Focus on topics you now inside and out, after all if you now what you talking about it’s less likely you’ll make a mistake.

Prepare, prepare, prepare! “The key to success is to prepare and practice.  Just like exercise, you do not see results without consistent and constant effort,” shares Schmidt.

Be the first one there, seeing the room when it’s empty will calm your nerves and help you focus. besides you don’t want to be late to your own speaking arrangement.

“Take a deep breath. Relax. Visualize a successful presentation.  Remember that you were asked to speak because you have something of value to share. The audience is looking forward to learning from you,” advises Schmidt.

Speaking arrangements are a part  of your life, if you can’t learn to love them at least learn to survive them.

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