Giving up on Working Out?

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Working Out, we all now it’s necessary and we may even admit it’s good for us but that doesn’t make it any easier for us.

For weeks I’ve been struggling with getting up early to go run. I manage to do it twice! And mind you this is a great victory for me. The truth is I hate running and I hate waking up early, so why do I do it you ask? Because when I actually manage to wake up, get out of bed and go for a run my day instantly becomes a great day. I can’t explain it but after a good run and an early shower it’s like noting can go wrong. Maybe it’s the blood pumping trough my veins, or the fresh air in the morning, or maybe it’s just the absolute quiet that lives in my house at 7 a.m., whatever it is it feels great.

So today I didn’t get up early and I didn’t do my run…. terrible day by the simple fact that I disappointed myself.

You want advices on working out or getting up early? I have none!

I have heard many advices on both topics, schedule your workout, join a gym put the alarm clock far away from you… etc.

Their great advices don’t get me wrong, but the truth is none of them worked for me. But here is something I do now: you need to make a strong case to yourself why working out and waking up early is important. Here’s why it’s important to me.

Working Out is important to me because staying fit will let me live longer and enjoy life for longer years. And also because when I work out I feel alive and like the world is wonderful.

Waking up early is important to me because I will have more hours to enjoy life and I’ll get more out of each day.

Now all I need to do is interiorize this. Set goals for yourself, but don’t forget to now why your setting them.

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