Utopia a Dying Dream

Margaret Atwood

Image by veesees via Flickr

If been reading this wonderful fiction book by Margaret Atwood called “Orix and Crake”, the book is a contemporary fiction about a world that was destroyed.

It tells a story about a world destroyed, I haven’t finished the book so I do not now how that happened but what caught my attention was the events that precede this destruction. Genetic manipulation is rampage in both plants and animals, the climate is deteriorating rapidly and now one seems to care. Everyone sees it happen and takes part in it but now one seems to act against it.

At first glance this seems like pure fiction, but although things aren’t as bad here as in the world of the book the similarities are many. Weather has slowly started to change, winters are getting colder in my little island on the Atlantic (Madeira) we had snow for a full week on the mountains something I have no recollection of in my 20 years here and we all stated using real winter coats when just a few years ago you could walk around the city in the middle of winter in a t-shirt. Vegetable have been manipulated genetically, and although I’m not sure witch is my position on this it has good and bad consequences.

We are all aware of the dangers of global warming and we watch as this beautiful world of ours seems to spiral out of control. The capitalist system and democracy are not lawless and yet it seems there all we have, have we reach a time where we simply have give up on a peaceful perfect world?

I look around at the people around me, at the state of my country and many others and all I see is people who have settle for what they have. Have we truly gone so far that we no longer have the ambition to do better? Surely this isn’t a global condition , after all the rebellions in Northern Africa show that there are still those of us striving for a better future.

But what about you? What in your home, city, country feels less than good, perfect I dare say?

It’s time to look around see the flaws in our society and do something about it!

As humans as “the rulers” of this world we have the obligation to strife for something better even if it’s just in our little corner of the world.

With the technology around us we rarely take the time to really see the problems around us, but maybe it’s time to take a day to look around and try to build a better world. And we are all capable of doing something to prove it no matter how small the action may seem.

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