What Keeps You up at Night?

sleeping beauty

Image by leojam via Flickr

Have you ever lay in bed unable to sleep? I know I have, it’s so frustrating to be in bed looking at the hours passing and not being able to fall asleep.

So here’s what usually happens to me.

I go to bed knowing that in eight hours I have to be up and about doing important stuff, well important to me at least. 😛

And yet for the next two hours I toss and turn unable to fall asleep, and then I look at the clock and now I really want to sleep cause I only have six hours of sleep left. It’s really a vicious circle. You can’t sleep and so you look at the watch and you get nervous cause you now your not going to sleep enough, and since your nervous you don’t sleep and so on until your so tired you just pass out.

So what keeps me up at night?

Mostly is my constant re-run of the day that passed and the day that I have ahead of me. I can’t seem to stop myself from wondering: did I do everything I could do today? Will I be capable of doing everything I set out to do tomorrow?

It’s quiet the annoying habit.

So what do I do to keep my mind of these things?

Well it’s actually quite simple, although it doesn’t really help me sleep. I find a good book and read it in bed at night, if it’s really a good book I manage to get my mind of stuff and eventually I’m tired enough that I can just put down the book and go to sleep.

… I really need to find a better method though… maybe one that actually gets me sleeping on time.

So what keeps you up at night? And what do you do to get your mind of it?

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