Smallest Thing

baby blue

Image by marie-ll via Flickr

This is the funniest topic I have ever seen and even if it’s also the silliest it sounds like fun.

So I’m sitting at my desk , and looking around I’d have to say the smallest thing around me is a place marker. I guess that’s how it’s called. It’s one of those things you put at a table to tell people where to sit. It’s a memento from my nephew’s baptism. It has a stork holding a baby in a basket, and on it my name saying “Aunt Sofia”.

It was a wonderful party and I kept the little piece of paper as a reminder of the wonderful time and the excitement of being an aunt.

This funny little exercise made me realize something, every object we own has if we look hard enough a story behind them. We keep a bond with the things we own, and that bond is a part of who we are.

What are the things that surround you and what do they mean to you?

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Let me know what's your opinion on this topic!

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