Saying No

There comes a time in your live when your going to have to say NO! It’s probably one of the most common words out there. And we’ve all heard it thousand of times. For some of us saying no is hard, for others it comes as naturally as breathing.

So which kind are you? Can you say it easily in a heart beat? Or do you need to gather your strength?

don't just say no

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For me it’s never been much of a problem, I have no complexes saying no to something that doesn’t suit me. May it be because it brings me no advantage, cause I’m to busy for it or just not in the mood. I’m not sure there would be anything that I wouldn’t  say no to under the right circumstances. We all would say that you would never kill someone but if there’s a guy holding a gun at your family I’m inclined to say anyone reading you’d change your mind.

So after long and hazardous consideration I give you two lists the five things you should never say no to and the five things you should always say no to (my personal opinion of course).

5 Things you should never say no to:

  1. Helping someone in need;
  2. An opportunity to be closer to your dreams;
  3. A chance to travel ;
  4. Work when you have none;
  5. A friend.

5 Things you should always say no to:

  1. Work when you already have to much;
  2. Changing who you are (no matter who says you should);
  3. Acting against your principles;
  4. Abandoning your dreams, or putting a hold on them;
  5. Hurting someone else.
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One thought on “Saying No

  1. knotrune says:

    Interesting lists. The really knotty problems come when a choice involves a conflict between those values of course.

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