Aiming for the Moon

Life is a roller coaster, and we all have our ups and downs through it. You have probably heard this a lot of time’s before but: “Life’s not about the finish line, it’s about the journey.”

So how do you create a journey worth doing? What are the things that make life interesting, and worth it?

Not all of us had wonderful childhood dreams that we can now follow and strive to achieve. But we can all make our dreams now and achieve them.

How can we achieve these dreams? And more importantly how do we find what they are?

New Gold Dream...

Image by law_keven via Flickr

To achieve your dreams you first need to now what they are. To find your dreams you must first find out what are the areas that are the most important for you. For me they’d be:

  • Family;
  • Friends;
  • Love;
  • Health;
  • Personal improvement;
  • Work and Profession;
  • Community.

After you define these priorities you can start dreaming away, don’t be afraid to have high dreams for yourself in every area of your life. After you figure out what your dreams are you can start planning for them. And whatever the steps to your dreams make sure you enjoy each and every one of them.

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