The Home of the Heart and the Home of the Mind

We all have a place we call home in this world, but sometimes it’s not the place we live in.

What is home for you? What is home for us all?

Deep cup nest of the Great Reed-warbler

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Home, it’s quite the word it means so much more for us than just the place we live in. It’s the place we come back to every night, but it’s also the place we feel safe and at ease.

We people ask you were your home is, you’ll most likely throw out a memorized address of were you life, but do you give the same answer when someone asks you were home is? It’s a simple difference in the question, but it makes all the difference in the world. Because home isn’t where you live is where we feel safe.

So today I pay a tribute not to my house but to my home. And to everything that represents it. I pay tribute to all the things that keep me grounded.

  • To my family that raised me and protected me;
  • To my friends that make every day an adventure;
  • To everyone I love in every way making my life wonderful;
  • To the beautiful places in this world that remind me what’s important;
  • And to everyone that excels at their life making it a challenge to keep up.

What makes part of your home?

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One thought on “The Home of the Heart and the Home of the Mind

  1. College taught me that I can call where ever I am my home. I actually had no problem living in a tiny dorm.

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