An Easy World to Travel – Part 1

The geometry of traveling (by train)

Image by Giampaolo Macorig via Flickr

A few weeks ago roaming through the book store I found a wonderful book on travelling. It’s called “The World is Easy – Learn how to travel with Gonçalo Cadilhe”, it’s a book by a Portuguese author and as far as I now has no English translation. I know what your thinking: how is that in any way useful to me?

Well I’ve been putting of starting the reading of this book so I decided to share my reading experience with you. For the next few week I’ll share with you the advices of this book, and hopefully awaken in you the urge to now the world.

Travelling is for me a passion. The idea of meeting new cultures and people and places is a dream for me. Unfortunately I have rarely left Portugal and now very little of this world of ours. So join me in the next few days to find out what Gonçalo Cadilhe has to say about this wonderful world of our and how we can get to now it.

Just to get you started here are 10 tips from Gonçalo Cadilhe:

(these steps are quoted from the book “The world is easy” of Gonçalo Cadilhe)

  1. You’re not born a traveller. You learn to travel.
  2. There are millions of people you’re age travelling the world. You’re the minority!
  3. If you’re not careful you can spend a lot of money travelling. If you’re really not careful you spend even more staying were you are.
  4. If you travel it can be hard to find a job when you come back, if you don’t travel it’s still hard. So go!
  5. If things go wrong, good! You’ll have stories to tell.
  6. If things go really wrong you can leave early. It’s still a story to tell.
  7. Travelling alone is better than not travelling. It’s usually also better than travelling with company, so if you can’t find someone to go with you, go alone.
  8. You’ll impress on the job interview if you include you’re trip on you’re C.V., if you don’t impress then you better not take that job.
  9. When you get to now other realities, you learn to improve your own.
  10. The world isn’t just easy! It’s small.

It’s not my intention to discourage people from reading the book with these posts. There’s a lot of information in the book that I won’t be posting here. I’m merely trying to share these wonderful advices with those that can’t have the book.

Read the book! It’s worth it and if you can’t read Portuguese, learn it! It’s fun 😛

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One thought on “An Easy World to Travel – Part 1

  1. Skra says:

    “When you get to know other realities, you learn to improve your own.” So true!!
    Thank you!

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