When is it better to be sorry than safe?

“Better safe than sorry”

It’s a saying we’ve all heard in our life’s, every language, every culture has it’s interpretation of it. And most of us follow the blind logic of this, in various areas of our life, without ever questioning it.

Why don’t we question it?

Because of what it means. “Better safe than sorry” is the act of avoiding danger, pain, disappointment, it is the act of not acting, firmly standing on the believe that if we never take risks we will be happier.

I have never truly believed this saying, I find it hard to see the benefit on doing noting and avoiding every risk around us. And truthfully in our world is there anything we do that is risk free?

When is it better to be sorry than safe?

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There are several instances where I can see that sorry is better than safe, there those times where the possible gain is to great to ignore. Here are those I find more significant.

  • Fulfilling one of your dreams, when you see a possibility to fulfil one of your dreams there should be no risk that would stop you.
  • When you find someone you truly love, when you find someone you love and makes you feel safe and happy you should hang on to it with all your strength, even if you may end up breaking your heart.

The reason why I find these such compelling reasons to throw caution to the wind are pretty much the same in both cases. You don’t want to have any regrets in your life, and you don’t want to look back and say: I wonder what if I had….

I’m not perfect and have done my share of mistakes and there are things that I might have done differently looking back, but even so I can honestly say I have no regrets in life and I no that in every choice I made I was truthful to myself. After all you need to be able to life with yourself at the end of the day.

What about you when have you thrown caution to the wind and just did something?

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