White Snow

~ Snow Flake ~

Image by ViaMoi via Flickr

Snow is the ultimate symbol of winter, a white veil covering the mountain tops and making us all dream of a warn fireplace and hot cocoa.

Madeira is a wonderful island in the Atlantic ocean, we have wonderful weather all year round. Sunny warn summers and mild winters. Sounds great right? And it is!

We have wonderful beaches with a wonderful sea full of life, and beautiful mountains full of green lush plants. It’s a wonderful quiet place to live and a wonderful place to visit. But this warn soft weather doesn’t come without a bad side, with warn temperatures all year round we rarely see snow here even in our highest peaks. But this winter was different. It’s been colder than usual and so we’ve had for a few weeks a small layer of snow in our mountains. For me it was a wonderful opportunity. I finally got to go and see snow, and play with it, and even see it falling.

It is truly an amazing feeling to look around and see the floor covered in ice, an although it was really cold we got to run around throw snowballs and laugh. It’s moments like these that remind me why this is a wonderful world and that show me that nature is a gift worth fighting for.

As much as I liked the snow it worries me. It’s not normal to see so much snow here and for so long. As the winters turn colder an the summers hotter I worry, I worry that we’re losing the fight against global warming. And I wonder how long will it take for people to see what we’re doing to this planet. And also I wonder how long we have left, before it becomes irreversible.

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