An Easy World to Travel – Part 2

tommy bahama travel bag

Image by lergik via Flickr

“In a few years you’ll regret more the things you didn’t do than the things you did do. Loosen the ties! Depart your safe harbor! Take the wind in your sails! Explore! Dream! Discover!” Mark Twain

That is so much true today than ever before. And nowadays you have no excuse to stay at home instead of travelling to now the world. Today I’m going to share with you so tips on what to take with you from the book “The World is Easy – Learn how to travel with Gonçalo Cadilhe”

What to take:

  • Take small doses of your hygiene products, you won’t need a full dose and can always buy more when you get there;
  • Don’t fill up your bag, it takes time and patience to put everything in, things you may not have later;
  • Take books in digital format, it takes up less space and weighs less too;
  • Buy a smaller backpack, you should only carry at your back a quarter of your own weight;

On the next article will talk about what the author considers to be the essentials and the non-essential items on a trip. Hope your liking it so far.

It’s not my intention to discourage people from reading the book with these posts. There’s a lot of information in the book that I won’t be posting here. I’m merely trying to share these wonderful advices with those that can’t have the book.

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