Just Do It! It’s Easier Said Than Done

Day 280: Rush Hour

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Have you ever procrastinated? Delayed certain action that you could do today and left it for tomorrow? Saying: I’m tired, I have time for it later, etc.? Well have you?

I know you have so don’t even bother lying to me. It’s part of the human condition, we all, at one time or another, procrastinate. And we’ve all heard the empty advices on how to fight it. Don’t get me wrong there great advices, the thing is they just don’t guaranty results.

So here are some of those useless advices.

1. Setting achievable goals:

When making your to do list for the day make sure you can finish it, there’s is noting quite like the feeling of checking of all the things in your list. And don’t worry about all the other things you need done if you have the time you can do then if not you’ll still have succeeded for the day. Don’t set yourself up for failure.

2.Find time for the things you love:

Daily! For example, I love to write and so I find time every day to write in my blog, not because I have to but because I want to.

3.Make sure you now why your doing it:

I know this step may seem a little silly, but it’s important! You need to tell your self the bigger reason why your doing it. And I don’t mean: “I’m studying to pass the discipline” I mean: “I’m studying so I can do what I love every day and be acknowledge for it”. Do you see the difference? Don’t loose track of your major goals in life there what keeps you moving.

That’s all very nice right? Wrong! Cause even if you follow all the advices in the world you can still procrastinate.

So why do we procrastinate?

Rush Hour traffic on the DVP.

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Most of us do it because we feel we don’t have enough time , because were afraid of failure or maybe we just cant get over the inertia. Let me talk a little more about the one that usually nags me, that is the fear of failure.

When I start a new project there is always that nagging little voice in the back of my head saying: You can’t do this! Your not good enough to do this!….

And although I know that this voice is wrong, I still sometimes listen to it and then I run from the task because I’m afraid I won’t be capable of completing it.

I don’t now any advices to fight of your inner voices, at least not anyone that works completely, but I’ll tell you this, the best way to quiet your inner voice is to prove it wrong. There’s noting quite like the feeling of showing yourself and the world you can do something.

So my fellow procrastinators…. Just do it!

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One thought on “Just Do It! It’s Easier Said Than Done

  1. It’s a procrastinating kind of day..thanks for the nudge. Love your site!

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