An Easy World to Travel – Part 3

Today I’m sharing with you all the non essential objects that we take on our trips and could just as easily leave home. This information was gathered from the book: “The World is Easy – Learn how to travel with Gonçalo Cadilhe” by Gonçalo Cadilhe.

These are the 11 non-essential objects we should leave home:


  1. Bozo girl in Bamako, Mali, West Africa, aug 2007

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    Watch: it’s a temptation for thief’s, and can easily be replaced by an unblocked card. A cellphone can replace your watch and alarm clock.

  2. Shaving cream: just use the hotel’s soap, all you need is hot water.
  3. After – Shave (or perfume): “do you want every fly in the Mali bus on you? Doesn’t everyone else has the right to their share?”
  4. Overcoat: if it’s only going to be cold in three weeks then buy it at the end of the second week at a thrift store.
  5. Prescription Drugs: no matter how many you bring you’ll need the one you left home, buy it when you need it!
  6. Documents: leave all those documents that are uselessover the border (discount cards, fiscal number, country ID, etc.)
  7. Tent: the world is full of cheap hotels, they’re more comfortable and safer.
  8. Sleeping Bag: it’s only useful for trekking just like the tent, but there is usually a spot to rent these items near a bis trekking course.
  9. Kitchen Utensils: use the one’s at the hostel! If they don’t have them, then it’s not a hostel.
  10. Flash light: most of the world is electrified, unless your going camping a lot it doesn’t make sense. Use your cellphone’s light.
  11. Traveller’s Checks: there pricey and out dated, nowadays ATM are widely spread you won’t need them.

It’s not my intention to discourage people from reading the book with these posts. There’s a lot of information in the book that I won’t be posting here. I’m merely trying to share these wonderful advices with those that can’t have the book.

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