Reverse Graffiti (via Inspirational Geek)

It’s a wonderful post by Inspirational Geek blog and a truly amazing work by artist Alexandre Orion.

He is doing much more than creating graffiti in a new way. He is calling on society to clean the city by exposing the dirt, I agree that it’s a shame that authorities have no respect for the work done, however It’s good to see that like this at least the city is cleaner.

Truly an inspiring work, and a prove of citizenship by the artist. And the story doesn’t end here, check out what he does with the gathered filth.

Reverse Graffiti

For as long as there have been dirty vehicles, people have writing “clean me” on them, but visual artist Alexandre Orion has taken this concept to a new level with his much more creative (and time consuming!) take on ‘reverse graffiti’.  It’s like traditional graffiti, but with an eco twist. Detergents, wire brushes and good ol’ fashion elbow grease replace the spray cans and stencils that we’re used to seeing from graffiti artists, cleaning away … Read More

via Inspirational Geek

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