A Book at Hand and a Women’s Witt

“… she has in her favour the “good sense” that allows her to denounce the mystifications of other…”

Beautifull Valentines Amaryllis

Image by Hieroglyphs via Flickr

Because we all, as creatures of words and gestures, have in ourselves the ability to deceive and conceal.

May it be in our nature, or may it be a learned trick, it is this ability to deceive our fellow man that creates in us the cunning to realize and discover these mystifications in other.

For as surely as a child does not see evil in cursing, we could not recognize lies and deceive had we not the ability to create them ourselves.

Why then do women seem to be more agile at this game? Is it that we have a better eye for lies and deceit or are we simply better liars and as such more equipped to see such things in other?

At the end of the day, it truly doesn’t matter, cause we all lie one time or another, those white harmless lies. We must simply keep watch so that they to not infect our life as a whole.

It is amazing how with a little imagination we can take a sentence that has one meaning and turn it into another thing completely. This sentence was gathered from a book on the History of art and the social movements, and has noting whatsoever to do with a women’s insight.

My sincerest congratulations to WordPress on an excellent topic, that is also a great exercise of creativity and imagination.

Try it your self, open the closest book to you randomly chose a sentence and try to write about it, without necessarily following the book’s topic.

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