All the Junk you can’t Forget – An Easy World to Travel Part 4


Image by garryknight via Flickr

Have you ever gotten to your travel destination, opened your bag and realized you forget something that was undipensable?I know I have!

The easiest way not to forget something you need is to write down a check list with time and patience and go trough it when your packing, but there are a few things that you should take with you wherever you go.

Never forget these things:

  1. universal current adaptor, after all we all have something that needs charging;
  2. ID Tag, so that if god forbid something were to happen to you people can now who to call, make sure it has: your blood group, country, full name and phone of an English speaking family member;
  3. Small Backpack, this should be the bag that is always with you,here you can keep your documents, camera, snacks, etc.;
  4. Lock and chain for your bag; they’ll be useful at dorm-rooms, train trips, etc.;
  5. Credit cards, completely indispensable, unless your travelling to inner Papua;
  6. Money Belt, helpful in countries where it’s common to steal from tourists, you should keep your passport and credit card here, have your spending money and a photocopy of your passport in your backpack;
  7. Pocket Knife, very useful, just don’t forget to place it in the cargo hold for your plane trip;
  8. Ear plugs, eye blindfold and air pillow, for more comfortable and quieter trips;
  9. Pen and paper, so you can record your trip to remember it later;
  10. Camera, after all a picture is worth a thousand words.

And of course never forget your smile.

This information was gathered from the book: “The World is Easy – Learn how to travel with Gonçalo Cadilhe” by Gonçalo Cadilhe.

It’s not my intention to discourage people from reading the book with these posts. There’s a lot of information in the book that I won’t be posting here. I’m merely trying to share these wonderful advices with those that can’t have the book.

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