A War for Peace Begins

Due to the stubbornness of one man a war has started.

night in tripoli

For the past few days I have followed the events in Libya, the people of that country have found in themselves the strength to rebel against a tyrant leader. This is in itself a awe inspiring fact. My heart goes out to the people of Libya fighting for their freedom. And I leave them my wishes that this torment does not prolong itself.

The revolts of these past week have been mostly pacific, if a revolt can ever truly be that. The people showed their disagreement and the leaders realized they no longer had the power they needed to rule. Unfortunately it wasn’t like this for Libya, Khadafi their “leader” insisted on staying in power, claiming, as only a madmen could, that the rebellions were the work of Al-Qaeda.

This madness led the “leader” to attack his own people starting a horrendous massacre that seemed for sometime unavoidable.

Today however a glimmer of hope takes hold. Forces from France, England and the U.S.A. have started air attacks on Khadafi forces. It is truly a chame that things have gotten to this point, however I greet with hope the actions of this day and hope they will bring peace to this country.

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