Finding Your Muse

Finding inspiration every day for bloging has proven difficult. It’s not easy to find something interesting and new to write about everyday, and sometimes you wonder whether you should write about that topic or not. So where can we find inspiration for bloging and how can we transform an idea into a blog post?

The idea!

The Big Idea - Light Bulb & Socket

Image by kippbakr via Flickr

The first thing you need to start a blog post is an idea, so where do you find that idea? Usually I don’t look actively for ideas, which is probably a mistake, and one of the reasons why I so often find myself without something to write about. But nonetheless I find the best topics come from what’s around you and what happens in your life. So usually I just pay attention to what’s happening around me and gather information that interests me for latter reference.

Remembering it!

There is one thing however that I find extremely useful, taking notes. Sometimes in a quiet moment you have a great idea, but a few minutes later you completely forgot it. Has this ever happened to you? It has surely happened to me, your memory just doesn’t record these ideas. So to remember them at a later date I write them down! It’s the best way to remember an idea. That’s why I never leave the house without a pen and a notebook. And I write in it all the little thoughts and ideas that run trough my head during the day. It’s a wonderful and simple way to record what your thinking and later make use of it.

Creating a post!

Be seeing you

Image by Olivander via Flickr

After you’ve selected an idea you need to transform it into a post. This is the easy part, and also the one I most enjoy. There’s two ways I usually go about it. I can either just start writing and organize my ideas at the end, or I can write down some topics and then explore each of them. Either way is good it just depends on the topic and your mood. Whether you do it one way or the other you’ll have a great post when your done. Just don’t forget to revise it.

What if I still don’t have an idea?

Sometimes you may not come up with anything on your own, in that case you can do one of two things: you can take a look at what everyone else is doing and see if anything caught your eye, or you can write about something that’s close to your heart.

What about you?

How do you find your inspiration, and how do you go about starting a post?

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