I Pad 2

The I Pad 2 was launched this past week. With relatively small changes from the first one. Looking as welcoming as it ever did you can check out the details on it, and even order one, here!

But with all that’s been said on this new piece of technology, the question remains: Is it useful?

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Some people describe it as a small computer, but truth be said it’s not really a computer. It has several functions that computers have, like: Internet and calendars and games and so on. But there are plenty of things that an I Pad can’t do that a computer does. The most visible for me being the absence of certain softwares like adobe, that as a designer I use daily.

So answering the question the I Pad has certainly utility, you can check your email, read books on it prepare small text documents, keep your phone list and daily planner actualized, among other things. There’s a million things you can do with it, and If you don’t require special software in your computer it can actually replace it. However if you still need your computer despite it, his existence will be that of a mere gadget, and it will be just one more thing for you to carry around.

I wait to see where this technology will go from here. I find pads in general quite fascinating and I wonder where there going to next. Personally I’d like to see them with some more complex software available, how cool would it be to have a computer that small and portable?

To finalize I think if you use your computer for net and editing text documents the I Pad is perfect for you. If your like me and you use your computer for so much more than that It’s really not worth it. That being said however, I’m not sure I can resist getting one.

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