What Is It That Makes Us Tick?

It has long been a believe in the business world that in order to get better results you need to pay more. Basically the believe is grounded on the notion that money is what makes us tick.

Undoubtedly to a certain point you will get better job performance, if you pay more money. But does that happen because people are driven by money or because people don’t feel like working if they’re not getting fair compensation.

Daniel Pink created an illustrated talk on what motivates us, shown on the 99 Percent blog, called:

The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

“It turns out that traditional rewards systems – money, praise, vacation time – are much less effective at motivating creative thinkers than we think they are.”

During his talk he identifies “three factors lead to better performance and personal satisfaction: autonomy, mastery, and purpose.”


We all feel the need to be independent creatures, after all we all have our own ideas and constructions about the world that surrounds us. When a boss, or a company tries to limit our autonomy we rebel. It’s a cry for recognition, for the acceptance and even gratification of our individuality. When you give someone freedom on how to carry out a certain task you’re acknowledging them as an individual.


Sometimes employers look for people that have experience, that now everything that there is to now about something, and that feel there is no more room for them to grow. The problem with this is that you will see no improvement in the work they do. it’s important to cherish the learning process and encourage people to step out of there comfort zone. Not only is it good for business, but personal growth is a mark of human satisfaction.


We would all like to live a life of purpose, one where what we do serves a greater good. A company that has a define purpose is stronger, because it keeps employers interested and focussed on reaching that common goal. The trick here is that it has to be a goal for everyone not just the bosses.

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