The Powerful World In Your Mind

Today on Freshly Pressed I found an inspiring post by the Broad Side Blog and Caitlin Kelly, titled: Would You Rather Be Productive Or Creative?

On this post the author Caitlin Kelly talks about the dilemma between being creative or productive. And the fact that although we all need off time, that time is not productive. After reading her delightful post I left the following comment on it:

“I’d like to say I prefer being creative than productive. I do my best work as a designer when the pressure’s off. Today for example I spent most of the day doing noting but when I finally got around to it I did pretty good creative work, and I truly believe that if I had dove into it earlier I would have gotten poorer results.

The time for my mind to wonder is sacred to me, it’s when I can get lost in my own internal world. And I love it.

This got me thinking and I’m sory but I have to disagree with Caitlin.

For me the off time, the time we spend lasing around, doing noting is the most productive time of all!

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I say this because when you let yourself go, and let the world around you stop. You discover the most wonderful things. It’s in these moments that you see how beautiful the world around you really is. You learn to see the beautiful details in what surrounds you, to appreciate those that you love, and above all you get to know yourself. These little discoveries allow you to see the world with new eyes, they allow you to be creative. Because creativity is noting more than seeing things differently.

But there is more to it than simply allowing yourself to see what’s in front of you trough a new prespective. It’s in those quiet moments that you can let yourself travel. When there is noting else taking up your time you get to travel in your inside world, and it’s a beautiful world. The world of your mind is a world of endless possibilities and undying beauty, it’s the world of your memories and dreams, and it’s a world where anything is possible simply by wishing it.

I challenge you all to take the time to get lost in this world of yours, explore all that your mind is capable of and at the end of it know that the stories in your mind are a testament to your strength, imagination and courage.

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One thought on “The Powerful World In Your Mind

  1. I am with you 100% …if I don’t take the off time to become creative I cannot be productive!

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