Children’s Play

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Today I woke up to the sound of children playing. There’s a coffee shop just in front of my house and today a family with several kids gathered there to have coffee. The kids, while their parents talked, started to play and soon enough their laughters and voices reached my window. Some people might have been upset with the noise in a Sunday morning but I found the laughter and joy in those children mesmerizing. We have all been like that at one time or another. Just happy innocent children running around having fun. But somewhere along the way we seem to forget what it’s like to have fun and play.

Yesterday I talked about the importance of off time and doing noting, and you can read all about it in my post “The Powerful World In Your Mind”. But there is another thing we don’t do often enough and we should: Having Fun!

Somewhere along the road of growing up we seem to forget what having fun means, and we simply stop doing it. Fun might be different things to different people. Some of us may find gaming entertainment, other may prefer walking outside or going for a car ride. But regardless of what it is it means the same thing: an activity that is enjoyable and entertaining.

No matter what fun is to you you need to take time for it. Because if you don’t have fun in life, then life isn’t worth living.

Lately i’ve been trying to figure out what is fun for me. It’s a harder question than you’d think, but finally I realized I’m blessed because I have fun working, designing things. I still need to find something else outside work that I enjoy doing, or I’ll go crazy, but till then I still need to schedule time to do whatever I feel like doing. And you should to.

Take time out of your day to have fun. Take time to run around doing noting and acting like a kid. It’s those moments that make life worth living.

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One thought on “Children’s Play

  1. My most fun memory and sight is children just running for no reason at all except it feels good! Thanks for sharing!

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