Vintage Camera Mania

Vintage Reflex Camera

For the past two years I’ve been founding that an increasing number of people started using vintage cameras. The most marking of them being a friend of mine with a recent crush on everything and anything Lomo. At the risk of sounding like a sheep I’ve been thinking lately of getting one myself. Part of it is I want to now what the fuss is all about the other is, I just like the way they look.

But I’m not what you’d call a photography newbie. Photography is an integrated part of my work and I have a Canon 450D with two lenses which I absolutely love and a small 12 mega pixels Sony that is great for everyday use. And yet for some inexplicable reason I’m not happy.

The Canon is a great machine, with lots of choices and great quality and the small Sony is great for quick shots while maintaining a reasonable quality of picture. So why am I not happy? The Canon although a great technical camera is big and heavy and not a practical camera for everyday photography. The Sony is nice and portable but the lack of control it gives me infuriates me, it’s a lot harder to be creative in a camera that always focuses no matter your wishes and always gets the lighting just perfect even when you’d like a darker/brigther picture.

Vintage Camera

So today my long overdue curiosity on vintage cameras came to a unexpected halt. I bumped into one of these wonderful vintage cameras on Etsy. Actually I found a whole shop of them! And I don’t think I’m going to resist them much longer. There’s a few things I have to do first. Find out If anyone sells rolls here and find out where I can print the pictures.

And so that I’m not the only one falling pray to this mania, go and visit the Etsy store I found. It’s called Tim Irving’s Photo Shop and you can visit it here. All the cameras and pictures in this article are from the shop and as such Tim Irving’s intellectual property.

Vintage Camera With Bag

I now humbly start saving money to buy my very first vintage camera.

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