Back Alley Dreams

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It’s a sunny day out and the warn light seems to seep into everything. I take the day to walk through the city. There are people hustling everywhere using the good whether as an excuse to fulfil their city tasks. I don’t really have a place to go so I just wander around the streets looking for something to catch my eye.

After walking for a while I stop to look around and I’m not quite sure where I am. I suddenly find myself in a strange part of town I’ve never been before. The streets have changed, their no longer the wide sunny streets of the city, they wind around in strange twists and turns seemingly going nowhere. The sun still shines but it’s light reaches me in a strange orange glow as if filtered by a canopy I cannot see. I should be scared by I’m not, this strange atmosphere is kind of welcoming.

I pass a small alley and stop in my tracks. At the far end of the alley there’s a shop with a big glass window, I can see a sign on the wall but can’t make out what it says. From the window glows of every colour show trough and you can see sparks flying around.

“If it where any other day I’d leave. But not today!” I think to myself. I walked down the small alley with great care, stopping just a few steps from the store’s door.

“Come on in.” I hear a voice calling me. I walk into the store to find it full of glowing jars with all the colours you can imagine.

“What is this place?” I ask the old woman behind the counter.

“Why my dear girl, it’s a Dream Shop of course. Everyone of these jars holds a different dream. Look around see if you like any!”

After a few minutes I leave the shop with a bag full of dreams and a smile in my face. I turn a corner to find myself in the city centre. It’s dusk now, so I eagerly get back home.

It’s in these quite moments when the day is beautiful and the mind wanders that you can find what you live for, your dreams.

My thanks to Emvlovely for his post on topics that served as an inspiration for this post.

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