Playing Like a Tree

Just another day walking to school. Brought my camera today, it’s sunny and bright out, a perfect day for photography.

Pink and Beautiful

In a beautiful day like this every plant, and every flower seems to have a story. How many hurried students passed by this tree without stopping to take a look at what lies above them? How many couples sat under it to take a breath from life’s stress?

I look up at the tree and ask: “How does it feel to be a tree?”

The tree tells me that it’s the most amazing thing in the world. You grow day by day surrounded by friends and family and every day you get to see something new. “It’s a wonderful thing to see the world around you change, feel the excitement of it, the joy of it, all while knowing that you are okay and have noting to worry about” she tells me. For her being a tree is having the best of the exciting world out there with the safety of home.

Maybe we should all act like a tree sometimes. Stop to look around and just enjoy the world as it passes us by, just for a minute awing at all that exists. It seems that playing like a tree would be a good way to recharge batteries and remember why we live in the first place.

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