The Vice And The Rule of Computers

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I first used a computer when I was about nine. My father gave me a computer game about the human body that kept me busy for, what I remember to be a couple of weeks. However I didn’t used it regularly for a couple of years after that, only returning to it at 7th grade, just in time for internet hi5, my space and msn. I used it mostly to trade messages with friends, play a couple of games and write school papers.

Now a days it’s a different story. I’m at the computer everyday it’s the first thing I turn on in the morning and one of the last I turn off at night. We live in a society that is always plugged in, we forgot how to live without e-mail, sms and a cellphone. I might be young but I still remember the time when you would make arrangements to meet someone before you left home and if they were late you would either wait or go home. Maybe I’m getting old….

Nowadays I use the computer for my work as a designer, for e-mail, shopping (on etsy) checking my finances, bloging and keeping in touch with friends. There are little things nowadays that we don’t use the computer for.

And what does this do to us?

Recently I read a book from Portuguese writer Clara Pinto Correia where she wrote something quite truthful: ” This world is full of gadgets and items to make life easier and save us time, but the hidden truth is that they also make it so you have no time.” (not an exact quote)

At the end of the day this technology traps us, it traps us in a world of illusions and thoughts and dreams of other, that we then take as our owns. We are left in isolation, floating away from everything and everyone real and dear to us.

In the near future, I hope I can find a way to let go of the computer, partly by bringing my work to the real physical world and also by leaving the unnecessary things behind. We need to let our self return to the real world, and spend more time there!

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