Dream Homes

A house is an architectural building made for people to live in. A home however is something completely different, it’s the place you can’t wait to get to at the end of the day, your home is your safe place, your little piece of heaven.

In our world owning a home is getting harder by the day, and most of us will probably just rent a place never actually owning one. But for now let us dream about our perfect home and tell others about it.

My dream home was for many years a set deal. A two story house with a beautiful garden and an old classic feel to it. Nowadays that dream home has changed a little. Part of me still wants the by house with the big garden, where I would have a room for each of my kids and an office space and a library, all packed in with a beautiful big kitchen and living room.
But recently another type of home has caught my eye, and my heart. My other dream house is a house not for a family but for a young couple. With big open spaces and a lot of light it’s an old warehouse kind of building re purposed as a house. With no real divisions and nothing but big open spaces it would hold vintage eclectic furniture and everything I need to do my work. Seems a bit to me like a perfect place to start your live, big spacious and full of light.

I’d probably spend most of my day there, and have friends over all the time. It’s not the kind of house to raise a family, but it’s a perfect place to dream.

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