Easter Egg Marvel

Volunteers put together Easter Egg Hunt for US...

Image by USACE Europe District via Flickr

It’s the morning on Easter day and Jonathan jumps out of bed at the first glimpse of sun. Easter is always a lot of fun, his family gets together for lunch and they do egg hunting, egg painting but most importantly eating lots of chocolate, after all that’s what Easter is all about right? At least that’s what ten year old Jonathan thinks.

His parents are still asleep so he goes to the kitchen. Cereal bowl in hand he goes into the living room and turns on the TV, it’s time for his favourite show. After a few minutes he sees a shadow at the window and goes to check it out. When he gets to the window though, there’s no one there.

At first Jonathan doesn’t see it and grumbles to himself at the rainy day outside, but then he looks at his front door and sees in the top step a giant egg painted in beautiful colours. He runs to the door and opens it, grabs the egg, that’s bigger than him, and drags it inside, closing the door behind him.

Rabbit small

Image via Wikipedia

He places the egg in the centre of the living room and sits in front of it. “Do I open it? Do I wake up mom and dad?” thinks Jonathan. After thinking about it for a while he stands up and cracks the egg open. From inside the egg a mountain of chocolate comes raining down on him. Jonathan can’t believe his luck. But then he notices something strange, among the chocolate are carrots…

Trying to find the source of these carrots Jonathan looks inside the egg and finds a baby rabbit looking up at him. ” A rabbit!” Says Jonathan excited. “I’ve always wanted a rabbit!” He picks up the little rabbit and hugs him. “This is the best Easter ever” he thinks.

From the living room window his parents watch the happy boy, filled with joy and love.

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  1. That’s perfect Marta! 🙂

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