3+2+2 Favourites Things I Haven’t Done in Over a Year

Horseback riding Bahamas 2003

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What are the ten favourite things that I love to do but haven’t done in over a year?

  1. Travelling;
  2. Horseback Riding;
  3. Hiking;

(this is getting hard…)

We all have things we love to do, but for one reason or another stop doing after a while. Why do we stop doing these things? Is it laziness or are we just to busy?

(remembered another one…)

  1.  Volunteering;
  2. Ceramic Painting;

No matter what the things that you haven’t done in a while are the reason why you haven’t done them is probably time management. Most things we do regularly we do because we can schedule them easily, the things we don’t do so regularly usually take more planning and taking some time from your normal activities. The challenge then becomes finding the time for these activities and doing them.

(one more…)

  1. Biking;
  2. Art classes;

So it’s time to take this list of things and schedule the time to do then, cause it’s important to have fun with your live and what better way to do that than taking the time to do what you love.

I’m a few things short of ten but that’s okay!

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One thought on “3+2+2 Favourites Things I Haven’t Done in Over a Year

  1. Jackie Paulson 1966 says:

    Great post!!! 🙂

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