The Role of Art

We all like art. Our tastes may vary but we all like one type or another of art. It may be music, films, photography, painting, writing, it doesn’t really matter art plays a vital role in our lives.

So why is art so important to us?

city / old illustration

Image by via Flickr

Since the dawn of men art has been a part of who we are. The cave men painted their hunts to show their family what they had done, in ancient Greece pottery was adorned with mitology and daily events. Art has always been a part of our culture yet we still wonder what is it’s purpose.

Is it simply a way for us to represent our world? Escape from our daily frustrations? Take the role of others?

And who does it serve? The artist? Giving him an escape valve for the frustrations and limitation of live. Or the public? Allowing them to live trough fictional characters, becoming all the things they couldn’t be?

I would like to present you with answers, but I have none. I my self still wonder what it does, and what’s it’s purpose.

I know two things: That art is a vital and undeniable part of being human, and that no matter how bad things are it will always be a part of our society.

For me art is both a way to relax and a source of frustration, it feeds on my feelings and my surroundings even when I don’t want it to. And I feel blessed for having the opportunity to practice it.

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