A Trip to The Hospital


Image by owenfinn16 via Flickr

It’s another school day in the beginning of autumn. School will be over soon and no one really wants to be there. Specially me! I’ll be graduating high school this year and then I get to go to college, and I can’t wait.

Looking back on those day’s I can’t believe how exited I was. I felt like my live was about to start. I was young foolish and knew noting. But the story I’m here to tell you today is not the story of my teen foolishness. This is the story of my surgery.

We are just a few days away from graduation, and the party that comes with it. It’s 8 o’clock in the morning and I had a terrible evening. I had a huge stomach ache and couldn’t sleep all night, but I still have to go to class, it’s my last text of the year and I can’t miss it. So with groggy eyes and white as paper I stumble to school. After taking my text I leave, to weak to go to the rest of the classes. I pass my day home alone with to much pain to actually eat anything, and when evening comes and the pain persists we go to the hospital. By this point I can’t even stand up, it simply hurts to much. The doctors do some blood tests and tell me I need surgery immediate. I have an acute appendicitis.

They role me into surgery. The last thing I remember is being asked to switch beds as the sealing of the surgery room spins around me. Next thing I know I’m out of surgery, it’s 3 a.m. and I really cold. The wrap me up in a warm blanket and take me to my room.

When I wake up the next day I know two things. It hurts like hell and prom is three days away. For the next few days I beg the doctors to let me out and do everything they say. I’m released from the hospital the day of the prom and get to go to the ceremony in the church. I’m to tired to go to the party and end up missing my prom night.

This is the story of the first time I went to the hospital and the story of my first surgery. But it’s also my prom story and a lesson on how there are more important things in live than prom. Even with all the pain I still had fun and it taught me that noting is as important or as serious as it seems.

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