I Once Believed That….

…. god was a fools dream, that finances were boring, that politics had no interest, that I would always work for other.

Feeding Troughs.

Image by Pat Dalton... via Flickr

It wasn’t all that long ago that I believed all these things, either because of my stubbornness or due to simple ignorance. The truth is that most of us walk around carrying a huge case of preconceived notions. Trough our parents trough our family and trough what we learn at school we all create assumptions regarding what surrounds us. But this baggage, these assumptions aren’t set in stone, they can always changed and that’s what happened to me.

I didn’t believed in god a few months ago. I thought of religion simply as an interesting sociological fact. But after meeting and spending time with a friend that is religious I began to see things differently. I saw the good that religion brought to the people who believed and I understood that there’s much in this world that we know nothing about. I came to realise that religion is a beacon of hope for many, and as for god? I’m not sure if he exists or not but I know that for many he is a companion and a friend. And they are braver and better people for it.

When it comes to finances I realise now that they are an unavoidable part of our lives and when treated with respect and care they can be your friend. The same is true when it come to politics and we should all pay close attention to what happens in that world, because it will always affect us.

Finally when it comes to working for others I now realise that anyone has the ability to start his own business and that such actions improve not only your live but that of the community around you.

It’s not about being wrong or right. It’s about always searching for answers and knowing that there is always more to learn.

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3 thoughts on “I Once Believed That….

  1. I’m with you on everything Marta except I so have to master the financial stuff! Great post!

  2. If you keep thinking like this you are going to find many answers. Answers to questions you have not even discovered exist. I get to advise you like this, somewhat qualified with wisdom and experience, but mostly because I have a degree in white hair now.

  3. Your take on life seems so much like mine…I read your blog after you commented on mine …it is really good! and will continue to read…mkg

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