33% Done 67% To Go!

Wow I can’t believe I’ve made it this far! Following Erica’s advice on The Daily Post blog I’m taking you back in time to my three favourite blog posts. Follow the link on the titles to read the full posts.

A Manifesto for Life

  1. Be true to yourself. If you’re not you will become like everyone else, without ever truly become anyone.
  2. Be kind. To everyone and anyone. Anger, discontent or bitterness are a waste of energy.
  3. Be daring. Always strive for something more, and always look for a place where your uncomfortable before returning to where you’re comfortable.
  4. See. See what surrounds you: nature, people, the world. See it, and take awe in it!
  5. Imagine. Always strive for imagination, it’s what keeps us alive.
  6. Simplify. All the important thing in life are simple.
  7. Love. Yourself, those around you, the world.
  8. Do all you can do. Leave noting for tomorrow. Live as if tomorrow isn’t there.
  9. Be all you can be. Never think you can’t do something. You’ll never know unless you try.
  10. Be happy! It’s a miracle we’re even here don’t forget it.

Back Alley Dreams

“Come on in.” I hear a voice calling me. I walk into the store to find it full of glowing jars with all the colours you can imagine.

“What is this place?” I ask the old woman behind the counter.

“Why my dear girl, it’s a Dream Shop of course. Everyone of these jars holds a different dream. Look around see if you like any!”

After a few minutes I leave the shop with a bag full of dreams and a smile in my face. I turn a corner to find myself in the city centre. It’s dusk now, so I eagerly get back home.

It’s in these quite moments when the day is beautiful and the mind wanders that you can find what you live for, your dreams.

Playing Like a Tree

Pink and Bright


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