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Today I introduce you to a wonderful fashion and design magazine called Antler. Filled with great articles and wonderful inspirational pictures this is the perfect magazine for anyone looking for a good time looking at beautiful things and reading about interesting people.

It’s completely free so follow this link and check it out! Here are a few images from the magazine and a little history about how it started and what’s it’s goal.

Antler cover Nº 5

ANTLER digital magazine originated as an idea by handbag designer Andi of Hoakon loves Helga. In February 2009 she began emailing international designers and artists that she admired asking them to be included in the first issue. It was definitely a struggle seeing as there was no background for the mag and no one had heard of it before. Luckily there were enough  supportive people interested in contributing… without those first few, ANTLER never would have been born and therefore we are eternally grateful. The first issue came out in March 2009 and was an immediate success. Since then ANTLER has featured countless interviews and photo stories with creative-minded people from all over the globe. ANTLER now receives hundreds of submissions and keeps on growing. It is a true labor of love for Andi and all those involved.”

Antler cover Nº 3

ANTLER is an online magazine which focuses on composing a collection of beautiful, inspiring ideas and designs from all aspects of life. We come in the body of a fashion magazine, but are more than just that. We look for ways to inspire through not only fashion, but art, design, literature, and culture. We strive to compile a new collection each issue that meets this criteria. We are currently publishing online which makes ANTLER accessible to readers from all corners of the globe. We are interested in showcasing more than just a superficial layer of fashion. We want to feature innovation and how people are contributing to make the world a better place. ANTLER is not only for a source of amazing fashion, art, culture and beauty, but will enchant and inspire as well.”

Antler cover Nº 2

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