Are You a Fan Of Photography?

Whether you love to take pictures or just love to look at them I have the perfect site for you. In Pictory you get to see the best pictures posted from people all over the world, and all of them have a small story attached to them. You also get to post your own pictures in a range of themes that are always changing.

You can visit the Pictory website here. Check out their latest topics or participate in one of the open topics right now. Just remember any picture you post needs a story, as put by pictory itself: Pictory is a showcase for your best photo stories.

Currently their running the following themes:

  • Take Me Out to the Ballpark

    “Share your best sports captures, whether little league or the majors, lacrosse or baseball, or anything in between. Don’t forget to tell the story of the winning moment, the muddy save, or the crushing loss pictured.”

  • Conventional Beauty

    “With an understanding that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it’s what’s inside that counts, etc., this theme is about conventional beauty. Find someone who is movie star or model material and ask them what it’s actually like day-to-day. What friendships look like with either gender, how seriously they’re taken, what’s easy and what’s hard about being born beautiful.”

  • Things I Learned from My Pet

    “This isn’t just an excuse for you to send me your most ridiculously adorable pet shots. I’d also like to hear the wisdom you’ve gained from your relationship with this animal or these animals, and how they might have changed you.”

  • Open Theme

    “Submit a great captioned photo on any subject to this theme without a theme.”

  • Local Legends

    “Tap into the history of your neighborhood to share a captioned image about what makes it special. What are the secrets that you have to live there to know? Maybe your local legend is related to a person (your neighborhood hero?) or maybe it’s a story as old as the neighborhood. This theme is a collaboration with NPR. You may be invited to have your images shown on their Picture Show Blog or elsewhere on NPR!” (Last day for this one)

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One thought on “Are You a Fan Of Photography?

  1. Thanks for the interesting articles…have sent some short stories and pictures to Pictory…thanks for the info…mkg

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