I Am Addicted to Notebooks

Notebook fetishism

Image by mberasategi via Flickr

Yes It’s true. I have a terrible addiction in notebooks. I collect them profusely and write everything down. Fellow

bloger Odeevee shares my affliction and posted a wonderful article on the subject. Check out his post titled Notebooks (AKA I have A Problem).

“When I lived in Montreal, there was this stationery store I would visit once a month or so. It felt like a sanctuary. I would just roam that store for usually an hour, feeling the books, the pages, trying the pencils and the pens. Then I’d usually buy one or two books and feel elated for days after that.” (excerpt from Notebooks (AKA I have a Problem) Post by odeevee)

I do much the same visiting paper supply stores looking for a beautiful notebook, pen or pencil. It’s a place to feel safe for me. Not only the store but the act of writing, it soothes me and gives me an opportunity to centre myself and gather my mind. I never leave home without a notebook, it is both a safe-line and a recording device.

After I finish one of these notebooks I keep them stored in a small trunk. They hold loose ideas, drawings and my life overall.

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2 thoughts on “I Am Addicted to Notebooks

  1. I started carrying a note pad because I never know when a cartoon idea will spring and by writing just a word or two I can recall the vision.

  2. I love any kind of paper with design…and all those empty pages in a notebook are so inviting…anything with color…I’ve bought many a notebook…but, I can’t seem to use them like I want…maybe too time consuming…but, I think I’ll try again!…what a great place for my ideas that are running in my head since I started writing my blog…I just need to keep it handy…thanks Marta…

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