Savings What are they for?

We have all faced the dilemma between spending the money or putting it on the piggy bank. When I was little I had a piggy bank but find it difficult to save the money it felt useless, there were other things I wanted right now that I could have why would I delay my gratification for something I wasn’t even sure I could safe for?

Nowadays I have it a little bit more under control. I have a value I save every moths for the big things and save every other money for small things, but even now things aren’t perfect. I still spend a lot of money I shouldn’t.

I have no brilliant ideas on how to save every last cent, it’s a day to day choice you have to do. But there is one thing I found that might help. Etsy shop owner Chalkoholics sells the cutest piggy banks I have ever seen and the best part is that there painted in chalkboard ink so you can write what your saving for in the side. You can visit his shop here.

Chalkboard Piggy Bank

I’m not throwing my polka dot piggy bank away but I’m going to write what I’m saving for on it’s side.

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