The Dream Factory – Directions Please

(Dream) Cloud Factory

Has anyone ever come up to you and asked you what you wanted to be when you where little? Or better yet brag about how they always new they where meant to do exactly what they’re doing? For some people it seems they where given directions to the dream factory at birth. Tucked in a little envelope on their first bed was a map that showed them exactly which path to take to find it.

I, on the other hand have had to ask around….

There is only a problem with this method most people don’t know where it is. And since they’re to embarrassed to admit to their ignorance they just point you to some random direction. If your lucky enough to find someone that actually knows where it is one of three things can happen:

1 – You get incomprehensible directions:

This is by far the most common event. You find someone that knows the way and immediately starts blurring out directions in such an absurdly fast manner that you loose track of them half way trough. If you find one of these persons thank them kindly and leave, there is no point in getting mad at them or asking them to explain slower, they honestly believe their doing a good job explaining it to you, and you’ll only get them mad or sad.

2 – You get good directions but still don’t find it:

There is something you must understand about the dream factory: it never stays in the same place for long. Some even say that it is in a different place for each one of us. No matter what the case sometimes you’ll follow the directions perfectly and it just won’t be there when you get there.

3 – You find it:

And them by some miracle you actually find it, I can’t tell you much about this cause I’m still looking for it. But please share your story with us if you have found it.

At the end of the day the search for the dream house is well worth the effort so don’t give up and share with us your dreams and hopes.

P.S. – If you ever run into someone that tells you they know where it is but that they can’t tell you because you must find out for yourself, don’t pay any attention to them… their lying! They are just as lost as you, they just don’t want to admit it.

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