The Art And It’s State

You look around etsy long enough and you’ll find hundreds of talented artists doing their craft with great skill and commitment. Still where I come from this is sorely a rare site, most of my colleagues, myself included, have done little or no work outside school and most of us will always depend on others to do this work.

Why have we got to this point?

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Why is it  that some of us, artists, depend of the incentives of other to do anything any more?

When asked the answers, from my colleagues, were:

  • There aren’t enough financial  supports;
  • The public isn’t educated enough;
  • The schools don’t give us enough skills;
  • etc.

Some of these things might be true, most of them probably are. But still they are made to look like insurmountable mountains. So high that no man could be expected to climb them. When in fact they are nothing but a small harsh climb up a hill, difficult, but achievable.

After discussing with my colleagues these things I realized what truly has stopped creative creation in my country: no one wants to bother with it. Everyone wants assurances, that they’ll get paid, that people will like their work, that it will all go according to some plan. They forget that if they do not take risks they’ll go nowhere.

I look around to see people that could be extremely creative and successful but they’re just not willing to bother with it. It’s a sad thing.

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