Get Your Dream Job – The Perfect Pitch

Part of being an adult, and a working adult at that is job hunting. Throughout our lives we’ll apply for hundred of jobs. There are many factors that decide whether you get the job or not, one of these factor is your pitch.

And how do you get to the perfect pitch? Well FreelanceSwitch gives us ten tips on how to get there.

1 – Know the employer:

“When applying for a job it’s important to now the employer. Do research: Google them or search them in LinkedIn. You should now their product, company or publication.”

If you get to the entreview knowing all there is to know about the company you’ll impress your future boss and increase your chances of getting the job.

2 – Know their goal:

“What is their message and what are they aiming for.”

Basically this means knowing in witch direction the company is going, and where you fit into the picture.

3 – How will you help them meet those goals?

“Show why hiring you would be good for meeting their goals.”

Don’t sell yourself short but also be careful you don’t over do it. Show your employer what you can do for him.

4 – Keep it short:

“E-mail your pitch to the employer and keep it short. The employer is busy and you should take as little time from him as you can. Keep your pitch to a few line and 3 to 5 sentences.”

In an interview try to make your answers short but insightful, you need to get your point across without boring anyone to death.

5 – Be professional but enthusiastic:

“Showing to your client or future boss that your excited to work with him may help you to get the job but it’s still important to show that your professional.”

In other words show you want the job put don’t look desperate.

6 – Don’t talk details:

“Leave the details for future meetings the most important thing now it’s to get the attention of the employer.”

This is mainly for e-mail communications in a job interview you should try to get all the information you need.

7 – Say who you are but don’t brag:

“Let your employer now what you’ve done but don’t brag about it (…)”

8 – Provide a link to your work:

“Mention one or two past successes and show some examples of them.”

9 – Follow up:

“Send a follow up e-mail after a few days if you haven’t heard back, send another one after a week has past. If you still haven’t heard back forget it, their probably not interested or just to busy to even see the e-mail.”

10 – Make them unique:

“Last but not least personalize your pitch to each job.”

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