My First Pet – A Sad And Grim Story

Picture of turtle from zoo.

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This is not the story of my first pet. My first pet was snowball my cat, he had a long happy live and left us five years ago at the age of 16, that’s a lot for a cat. This is another story, it’s the story of the first pet I lost.

My memories of it are very foggy, I was a young girl back then, 5 maybe 6 years old. I don’t remember it’s name, don’t even know if it had one, and I do not know whether it was a boy or a girl. What I do know is it was a tinny turtle and she lived in a small open aquarium with an island in the kitchen.

Everyday I would happily visit my turtle and feed her, and pet her, and play with her. It’s amazing how much fun I had with such a small frail creature. I loved the feel of her skin, and the tickles her little legs gave me walking trough in my hand. I really liked my turtle she was cute and fun and mysterious.

But soon I had to say goodbye to my little turtle.

One afternoon I got home from school to find the aquarium empty. My mother told me with a very sad look that my little turtle had died. I was really sad and never owned another turtle since.

It was only many years later while learning more about animals that I realised my little turtle hadn’t died… she had gone into hibernation… Poor turtle!

I’m planning to get a new one soon and learn all about them so the same thing doesn’t happen.

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