Reading The News – Finding The Time For The World


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Keeping track of the news is undoubtedly important, especially in a global world like ours where what happens in the other end of the globe can affect us. However I struggle to find the time to read or watch the news. I always seem to be just a little bit to busy, but I still manage the time to babysit my nephew or watch my favourite TV show. Which leads me to two questions: how important are the news in the present day? and in our busy lives with all are to do lists are we to busy to care?

As I said before the news are probably more important now more than ever. When you live in such a small world where what happens in the other side of it can affect you, keeping up to date on the worlds news is vital. But that’s not the only reason why it’s important to follow the news. They keep you in touch with your humanity, it can be easy to forget your not alone when every hour of your day your working for yourself, the news can serve to remind you there are other people around you, some better some worse of than you. The other part that the news play is obvious, they affect our lives, in regards to local news that affect you personally or world wide events that affect entire nations.

The question now becomes whether we are to busy to watch the news. As more and more technology invades our lives we seem to have less free time instead of more. We try to be everything and everyone at once and find ourselves to busy to take a breath. In a world like this can we afford to take the time to follow the news? At the end of the day  it’s a personal choice, and maybe we need to slow down a little anyway.

What about you? Do you keep track of the news? An if so how?

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One thought on “Reading The News – Finding The Time For The World

  1. frizztext says:

    maybe we need to slow down a little

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