Trembling Like Green Sticks – First Job Enterview

Trembling like green sticks

In Portuguese this is a proverb used to describe moments when you are extremely nervous (not sure if it means directly translated to English). And that was exactly how I felt at my first job interview.

It was a sunny afternoon, the interview was at a hotel and I got there 15 minutes early. I was wearing jeans and a top and had no idea what they were going to ask me or what I wanted to ask them. I waited for a half an hour while the interviewers got there and started interviewing all the other people. Everyone else was wearing suits and ties. I suddenly felt under dressed in my jeans and top. By the time my turn came I was sweaty nervous and stuttering. They asked me a couple of questions and I answered in slow insecure words and with a blush in my cheeks. When it was over I just wanted to run and hide. A week later they called telling me I had the job.

So what makes for a good job interview?

It’s really simple. Do noting of what I did. Go prepared know the company and the answers for the questions they might ask you, also know what you want to ask them. Dress nicely but don’t over do it, you still want to look like yourself. And don’t be nervous!

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2 thoughts on “Trembling Like Green Sticks – First Job Enterview

  1. Congratulations…just being YOU is the key…can’t wait to hear more…mkg

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