Tattoo’s – A Permanent Commitment To Yourself

Getting a tattoo is a complicated decision that takes a lot of careful consideration. When you get a tattoo it’s for life, that image will accompany you every day of your life and you’ll  never get rid of it. That’s why so many of us will never get a tattoo, cause it seems impossible to commit to something for such a long time.

Kkoktu figure of an Phoenix. Korea, 18th centu...

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For me getting a tattoo wasn’t about committing to a drawing or image, it was about committing to myself. My tattoo is a phoenix. The phoenix is a mystical bird that is reborn from the ashes. I got this tattoo as a reminder that no matter how bad things might be I can always try again, that only death is final in this world and that you can recover from everything else.

It’s a permanent reminder that I am worth the effort, that life is worth the effort and that no matter what happens to me I can always overcome it.

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