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“The resume is dead, the bio is king” at least that’s the word on the street. People are looking for ways to connect with one and other and simply stating your list of accomplishments and skills is no longer enough. You need to show them your worth the time, you need to show them who you really are. 99 Percent blog defends this point of view and I’m going to give it a try. You can check out their guide on how to create your own bio here.

Here is mine:

I live in a small idyllic island in the middle of the Atlantic, it’s a quiet place with quiet people. But still the noise of the world manages to find it’s way here. We live in quite a noisy world nowadays don’t we? To much stuff, to much pollution, to much everything and to little time. That’s probably the most important lesson I’ve learned in my three years in Design college. That everyone is going to fast everywhere and taking to much stuff with them. I feel this in my life every day always struggling for another spare minute to do just one more thing.

Ultimately I want to give people back the power they lost, I want to give them back time and simplicity, I want to show them, you don’t have to live in this constant state of stress. I still fight with the dilemma on how to simplify peoples lives and help them be happier when at the end of the day I’m still offering another thing. But still I go on with my quest trying to find my own quiet space “to grow roots and grow” (as said Rothko).

I find my relaxed moments a little easier these days, usually behind the eye of my camera, behind a book or surfing trough handmade items on etsy and dreaming of my own little shop. At the end of the day I want to have fun and be happy just like you.

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