We Complain to Much


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Some people complain, and some people don’t.

Some people complain about everything. They complain about work, about their friends, their family, their pet, the weather and anything else that happens to them. They spend every available minute complaining, it doesn’t really matter what about, all that truly matters is that they get to complain. For some reason these people seem to relish in it, they relish in throwing out all the little things that they don’t like. They throw them away and onto someone else.

We are so lucky! In the “developed countries” we are better of than the rest of the planet, we have everything that some can only dream of. A bed, a house, a family, friends, a job, food, water. We have all these things and yet we are the ones that complain the most. Of all the people I know those with the most things are the ones that complain the most. There are people everywhere that have it much worse than us and yet we complain. Is it because of our expectations? Have we come to expect so much, that when anything is beneath perfection we complain? I don’t think so, some people would still complain even if they had everything they had ever dreamed of. Maybe it’s our way to have a voice, to show that it isn’t as easy as it seems. I don’t know, but I know we have to stop!

I wish I could show people a better way. I wish I had a recipe for not complaining tucked away in my back pocket, but I don’t. So I struggle to see the good side of things and live life complaint free.

But not all of us are like this, some of us have learned to accept the world the way it is, some of us have other things to share than problems. Some of us have stopped complaining! Those are the kind of people that make everything seem wonderful and simple, that share the wonderful parts of their live and forget the rest. They act as if life had no secrets for them and the little things are really just little things. It sounds good, it sounds like a dream, it sounds like perfection….

I do not like to hear people complain, I do not like to hear myself complain, and yet here I am….. complaining…

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2 thoughts on “We Complain to Much

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