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A few months ago I found a new online magazine called collected. You can see their description bellow. It’s a lifestyle magazine online and free, and they just launched their first issue. My congratulations to the authors and good luck.

Collected is an online lifestyle magazine launching in May of 2011. Collected was founded by Los Angeles-based interior designers and bloggers, Krista Schrock and Jessica Comingore, after the two bonded over a mutual affinity for a simple, well-designed and carefully curated aesthetic.”

Collected’s goal is to cultivate a selection of well-edited products and design that highlight the art of refined living. We aim to explore people, places and things with discerning taste while remaining accessible to design enthusiasts. Collected will encompass an array of design, including interiors, graphics, product and packaging, as well as travel, fashion and food—all of the things we love and live with everyday. We look forward to sharing our discoveries with you and hope that you find as much inspiration as we do in the beauty of living simply.”

Check out Krista’s Schrock tumblr page and Jessica’s Comingore blog.

They just launched their first magazine this month, it’s free and online. You can check it out here.

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