Children’s Play on Children’s Day

Child 1

Today, June First is the the international Children’s day. I’ve seen more children out today than any other day the last few weeks, and it isn’t even sunny out. Parents take time from work and make the extra effort do take their kids out so they enjoy a fun children day with them. Some parents plan activities, some give presents, other just make their best to spend the day with the kids and have fun with them. To bad the rest of the year many parents walk around acting like their children are a burden and not a blessing.

No matter what you do with your children today, if you have them, it’s good to see parents taking their kids out for some fun. But the shear amount of children around me today made me realise that something is seriously wrong. To often today I’ve seen kids throwing tantrums, running around uncared for and simply having their way no matter what. I’ve also seen something else, parents yelling be it because they lost their children and can’t find them, or because their kids are doing something they shouldn’t. And yelling doesn’t actually solve anything.

It may be just my imagination but I remember children listening to their parents and behaving when I was little. It seems as if children today have no discipline and are left to roam free. This makes them ruder and more likely to get in trouble. But this isn’t the kids fault, their parents are the ones supposed to raise them and teach them wrong from right. What do you say of a parent that can’t say no to his kid? That lets him run around the mall unchecked and leaves him at the nearest store expecting the people that work there to take care of the kid?

Don’t get me wrong I know it’s not easy to be a parent, but surely we can do a better job than just leaving the kids somewhere where they won’t bother you while you do your very important grown-up things.

I see kids every day doing things that at their age I’d find unthinkable. Grown up boys of 10 and 12 years old laying down on the floor and refusing to leave a store because their parents told them they couldn’t have what they wanted. Kids opening and eating a chocolate bars at the super-market cause their parents wouldn’t take it. Kids left alone at toy stores and then running of with whatever toy they want to show their parents. They seem to have no notion of what they can or cannot do and half the time believe their entitled to do whatever they feel like.

The children of today are the man of tomorrow and we really need to start taking better care of them or we will soon have a bunch of undisciplined teenagers that will grow into adults that believe in taking whatever they want without consideration for anyone else. I fear for the future of these children, I fear for their future because their parents have failed them.

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2 thoughts on “Children’s Play on Children’s Day

  1. Marta I have noticed the same thing with children and wonder how we got here. But I don’t have any easy answers.

  2. Marta,
    You are right on target…Working with kids as my job all my life has made me very aware of the situation…I have to admit I think my Grandkids are learning good manners…but, at times they even need improvement…keep writing…mkg

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